Wish Someone a Cool Happy Birthday – Play it On Your Phone!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Images free

But assume you’re tone deaf, you get a rotten singing voice, and you also can not play any musical instruments.  Or perhaps you just want to do something a bit more unique.

You are able to perform with this just by pressing on the buttons on your phone.

But naturally, you need to press the ideal ones, in the ideal order.

Today, you need to be cautious about playing songs in your mobile phone.  Should you pick up your phone and begin pressing on the amounts to play a song, you might wind up calling Siberia or somewhere like that.  And get a large phone bill.

So how do you exercise for Happy Birthday

You are able to call yourself, or even a buddy, and after that the connection is created, then it is possible to practice playing the tune.

Sometimes that may be somewhat troublesome too, since you call yourself and find the voicemail, along with the records might get in the way.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Images free

Overall, however, it is not so difficult to play a song with your phone.  So you might want to just receive the practicing, and just make the call to whomever is getting the happy birthday images free, and play the song off the bat.

The ideal site of touch-tone songs.  I have observed is in http://hometown.aol.com/fsufunkyb/songs.html.  Does it’s” Happy Birthday To You” but lots of different songs.

I have tried some of them myself, and a number are great and a number are dumb.  But hey, you are simply playing a touch-tone phone, you are not trying to get a symphony orchestra.

So in the event that you want to do something special with all the song happy birthday, play it for a lucky individual over your phone.

Perhaps it sounds idiotic, but it is far better than nothing.  Additionally, it is a fantastic finger exercise!  Well kind of.


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