Journey of Wikipedia from Online Encyclopedia to Content Marketing Platform

Journey of Wikipedia from Online Encyclopedia to Content Marketing Platform

Wikipedia was created in 2001. The purpose of this website was to make an online encyclopedia and the sharing of information was attached to the same. The founders of Wikipedia in the start had their own team who was working on making this website to have the articles and pages.

This initially seemed to be a good idea in order to make the contemplations on keeping the uniformity on the website. However, one thing that was encountered in this idea was the slow making of the page and they were not able to speed up the process by any means.

This became a reason that the founders came to an idea to make the contemplations on making the website to be open for contribution and they declared that any individual can make a page on the website and can post article after the approval of the website. This seemed to be a great idea and the website got a tremendous response on the same idea.

This made the website to have increased pages and articles which was a reason it increased its reach. The website in no time was listed in one of the most visited websites in the world and the reason for the same was that it had information about almost everything in the world as people from all around the world contributed to it. This made a new phase of Wikipedia to be announced.

People started to realize that this platform could be used for marketing purposes as well and this was when Wikipedia was started to be looked like a content marketing platform. This was not only because of the increased reach of the website and that it is the fifth most visited website in the world with 40 million visits regularly.

Moreover, the website has some other features that have made it fit for these purposes. This website requires no costs and this is what many of the marketers look for. Also, it makes the SEO to be offered and the backlinking could be attached to the page. This can give the marketers to have a chance for the conversions to be increased and this is one of the best benefits that can be derived from this website.

One thing that can also be added up here is that unlike many of the other content marketing platform you can update it whenever you want. This could be done with the help of Wikipedia editors. This is one of the things that has made the case stronger for Wikipedia as a content marketing platform.

These are the reasons that have made this website to be turned into a content marketing platform from just an online encyclopedia. In these 18 years, this website has grown tremendously and from just a few visitors to millions of visitors regularly. Wikipedia has made it through and has now offered a few things that every content marketer looks for.


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