What is Optical Fiber Cable? History and Advantages of Optical Fiber Cable

What is optical fiber cable
What is optical fiber cable

Have you heard the name of Optical fiber cable? If you do not know about optical fiber cable then in this post you will tell about what is the optical fiber cable and its use is called.

This cable is used for data transfer and to bring Internet speed, and also its use would be said to say that we will know below then let’s know.

What is optical fiber cable?

Optical fiber cable is a plastic and glass plate made of cable which is very thin and finer and is much stronger. It works with the speed of light. This means that the information flow flows through the speed of light. Meaning it travels from 3,00,000,000 km / sec. It is used to reach the Internet everywhere. Optical fiber cable works on total internal reflection theory.

History of optical fiber cable

Fiber cable was shown in Japan by September 2012 NTT. This was able to transfer 1 petabyte per second (10 × 5 bits / sec) of data at a distance of 50 KM.

Modern optical fibers cable has terabyte (TB) and bandwidth per second. Optical fiber cable is very strong but their manufacturing process is very subtle.

Types of optical fiber cable

There are two types of octal fiber cables.

  1. Single Fiber

* As the name suggests, light will be transmitted in this mode only

* Wavelength of single fiber cable is between 1310nm and 1510nm.

* The loss of single mode fiber cable is that it is difficult to pair.

* Single mode fiber is used to transfer more distance data. Because light travels in a straight line. Therefore it is used.

  1. Multimode Fiber Cable

* As the name suggests, it is capable of carrying multiple signals simultaneously.

* The wavelength of multimode fiber cable ranges from 850nm to 1300nm.

* Multimode fiber cable is used to transfer more single to work distance.

Benefits of Optical Fiber Cable

What are the benefits of using optical fiber cable

  1. Bandwidth

Optical fiber cable is capable of traveling a long way in a short time, this is a 100 times more bandwidth than Normal cable.

  1. Security

Optical cable for security offers a lot of security. Its security is not easy to break.

  1. Size and weight

Optical fiber cable is quite small. Their thickness is very low (diluted with thickness of your hair) and their weight is also very low

  1. Losses

Using optical fiber cable is very rare compared to the Normal Wire.

Loss of optical fiber cable

Where there is the advantages of optical fiber cable, there is also a few damages to the Optical fiber cable.

  1. Expensive

Optical fiber cable is very expensive. Almost 6000 to 1000 thousand rupees per kilometer.

  1. Setting up

The fiber cable is very thin, so it is very difficult to setup.

  1. Repair

Repairs of octal fiber cables are very hard.

Use of optical fiber cable

Optical fiber cable is used to broadcast telephone single, internet communication, and cable TV signal. If you ask me how the Internet runs, then you have to answer ??? Your response will be by satellite

? In fact, the Internet is run by optical fiber cable, which has a network of octal fiber cable that connects all the networks to millions of kilometers along the coast of Sumter.

You may have come to know what is the optical fiber cable and how the Internet runs. If you like this post, then definitely share it with social media and your friends and also comment with it.


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