How To Track A Cell Phone Free-Trace Mobile Number Location

How To Track A Cell Phone Or Mobile Number Location For Free
How To Track A Cell Phone Or Mobile Number Location For Free

How To Track A Cell Phone Or Mobile Number Location For Free – Hello and a warm welcome to you guys and today I am going to explain you a very interesting thing that if you have lost your mobile phone then no need to worry about that.

Now Google itself has launched its Oh own tracking device software known as Android device manager. So what is the facility here is that it does not require GPS for your phone tracking.

GPS is not required in your phone it will work even okay what facility that software is providing and how I am showing you first of all you can try it reads the exact location of your phone your lost phone if any SIM card is under operation does not matter your SIM card or anyone is there anyone SIM card is there it will track it just it should be network coverage.

Second thing is that you can remotely lock your phone by you can change your password you can create password.

third thing as you can remotely delete your data of your complete phone for things and you can remotely make a ring without sending any number with high vibration and sound.

so let’s see you guys how to do that okay so for that purpose it software works for Android phone only ok so first of all you have to look up for the that software called Android device manager.

How To Track A Cell Phone Free

So for that purpose you have to go to Google Play Store and on Google Play Store you will just type for this that Android device manager and you would find this app just go and select this application and install it on your mobile phone this is by Google itself.

So once you install the application accept the terms and condition and it will download and install once it you install after the app just to go to the icon which would be created in the middle this icon just click over there and accept the terms and condition you have to enter your gmail email ID here and your password of that email and sign in with that.

once you sign in after that what you need to do is just to go to settings and in the settings you have to go there and Security tab, once you go to Security tab you have their device administrators go to that place and the after you would find that software at that place you have to enable checkbox.

once you click over here you would find this kind of App option just to accept everything and activate it click on activate once you do that you get a check mark here and the after what you really need to is that you can when you open your software in the phone you have this kind of option apart from that suppose you feel lost this phone this should be activated.

The software should be activated ok so both you longer if you lost your phone then what you need to do how can you can track so you the main thing first go to Google. since itself is a Google software so what you need to do is that type in Google that Android device manager.

just when you type it you will go to the first URL of itself Google and click over there it will ask your username and password of the Google Android device manager which you have used in that place.

I have used on that to my phone that is t-55a Kumar okay integrate password once you enter your password and signing which you would enter into the duck what the professor’s once you do that and you will be redirected to a page called this page this phone will this it without trying to contact your phone if that phone is on any SIM card is would be there no GPS would be on there the still it will track your phone location.

exact location will subtract you would have an option here to make a ring yeah let’s see the phone location has been tracked some time it could not be the road name cannot be known if you would be in every small locality then you have got an exact area here but the road name may not be mentioned but if you land on the main road or main market you rotate your location will be listed here.

You have another facility that if you click here you automatically it will ring your phone wherever that would be you have an option if you click here on the lock then what would happen that you can set your password if you does not have any password you can phone set your password from here if you do this automatically wherever your phone would be it will be automatically locked ok guys if you have a different password you can change your password as well.

you can if you click here you will be able to read all the data on that phone without editing so guys it’s really very important software and which could be very much helpful for you so guys thanks a lot for Reading this helpful article.

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