Gaming Industry – 4 Ways Technology Will Change Gaming Industry

Technology Will Change Gaming Industry
Technology Will Change Gaming Industry

Technology will change the gaming industry by providing advanced technological gadgets and devices. Nowadays, the latest technological gadgets and devices are developing at a breakneck speed.

Technology is playing a very much important role to improve the gaming industry. As per technology, video games have become very much advanced then they were launch.

Gaming is become very much advanced and reached the pinnacle of technological evolution. But it is not appropriate to think that gaming has reached the pinnacle of technological Development.

If you want to know the real observable proof of advancement in digital technology, then you have to take a look at the gaming industry.

From the last 20 years, gaming has become very much advanced in computing technology. New games are developing and becoming very much grown.

In the year 1972, the first black and white 2D game Pong was launch. The first 3D game the 3D Monster Maze was launch in the year 1981.

In the year 1992, the first-person shooters game the Wallenstein 3D was launch. And in the year 2011, second life like shooters game was a release that is known as Battlefield 3.

There is no doubt that the gaming industry is improving at a breakneck speed. Many of the gaming industry has developed and grown from pixels to photo-realistic graphics.

In blow the paragraph, I have mention 4 Ways that Technology Will Change Gaming Industry. This ways are very much essential, and it will improve the games.

  1. Technology Will Change Gaming Industry By Using AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most popular technological trends. It is available for many years, but it does not utilize yet in connection with a video game.

One of the best examples of Augmented Reality is a mobile app, Wikitude. This application will help you to reveal nearby places. Like ATMs, restaurants, hotels, etc. and it also navigates you.

Another best example of AR is video game Pokemon Go. The success of this game has given us a hint that technology will change the gaming industry.

In the Google play store, there are already gaming apps available such as DroidShooting. DroidShooting is shooting game, and it is interacting many of the player in real-time with the surroundings.

In DroidShooting, you have to hold your smartphone and shoot the targets that appear around you. The DroidShooting is one of the best primitive gaming.

Augmented reality can easily use with the gaming apps through smartphones. It will also use with virtual reality headsets and future game consoles.

You can also play the games with the help of a gaming session, which is wearable UI such as Google Glass. By wearing Google glass, you will feel that you are in the ground. And you don’t need to hold your smartphone or console.

  1. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is very much popular in all around the globe. But it requires more fast and reliable internet connections.

The technology of cloud computing has started to achieve momentum. Because of fast and reliable internet connections, the importance of cloud computing technology is increasing.

In the future, advanced technology will change the gaming industry by providing lots of improved things. In the future, you can easily play the games from any devices with the help of internet connection.

Just like you stream the music and video, you can play the games. Nowadays, a battle royale game has developed, which is known as PUBG (player unknown’s battleground).

In this game, you can easily play from another device with the help of internet connection. In Cloud Gaming, we don’t have to wait to get the updates for high-quality games.

Because it is present in the cloud, only we have to connect our devices to the Internet connection. In the future, games will be available at a very cheaper rate and easily accessible.

  1. Virtual Reality Will Improve Gaming Industry

Virtual reality is one of the best and most popular technology all around the globe. This technology is most popular because it separates the individual gamer from other people.

Because of the advancement in technology, the capabilities of hardware is improving. And virtual reality has started to develop the gaming industry.

In the future, gaming technology will become more advanced, and players can not play alone. They can easily connect in a virtual space.

Games like VR Chat are making these things in reality. The future of VR will be space for social interaction than isolation.

An Oculus Rift is coming that is created by Palmer Luckey, and it is an head-mounted display of Virtual Reality. The cost of Oculus Rift is more than $300.

It has the feature of quick response, large field view, stereoscopic 3D capabilities, and head tracking system. Gaming platforms are improving continuously, and a new one is releasing every day.

These improvement is showing that technology will change the gaming industry. The prototype of Virtual Reality has gained the number of positive reviews from game developers.

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  1. Secondary Device And Screens For Gaming

The three most popular gaming industry, which is there in the market are Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. This three company have decided to create a secondary gaming device.

By creating this secondary device, they will solve the problem of players. Because gamers can easily use the supplement to the main screen which they are playing.

Microsoft has created the Xbox SmartGlass app that can easily install on your smartphones and tablets. This application is acting as an additional tool to improve your game.

Nintendo has developed Wii U GamePad that is very much advanced. In the Wii U GamePad, a unique feature is present, which is a touchscreen that augments the primary screen.

Sony has created a handheld Cross-Play device with their PlayStation 3 console. Hence, players can easily use the feature of cross-play and play on another device.


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